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The technical article entitled Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems by Mr. Erkan Karacakale the founder of A-Pro Engineering has been published

The technical article entitled Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems, which reflects Mr.Erkan KARACAKALE’s years of knowledge and experience in the Fire Protection Systems sector, sheds light on readers in this area.

Mr. Erkan KARACAKALE touched upon the importance of gases fire extinguishing systems, their usage areas, environmental and human health effects and design and application criteria in his article and in this case he has inspired many entrepreneurs and engineers in this field.

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Technical Article - Gas Extinguishing Systems


The Gaseous Extinguishing Systems of Elazığ City Hospital has been done by A-Pro Engineering

The Elazığ City Hospital Project was built by the Ministry of Health on a 347.500 m² area in the Central District of Elazığ with the Public custom cooperation model. It was established in 2018 with 2 Hospitals and 1 Clinic with a total capacity of 1038 beds. Elazığ City Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology earthquake isolators in the world. FM200 Gas Extinguishing System manufacturing was done by A-Pro Engineering in 87 place. In addition to turn-key system installation, A-Pro Engineering provides technical services and maintenance services of the systems it installs (depending on the contract conditions) 4 times a year. FM200 gas which used in the project is UL, FM approved and all the equipments which used are LPCB approved. FM200 gas does not damage the ozone layer and has no negative effects on human health within the criteria specified in the standards. FM200 Gas Extinguishing System is a fast and effective fire protection system. For this reason, effective actions are taken with FM200 Gas Extinguishing System especially in places where fire grows fast and requires early response.

The main reasons why A-Pro Engineering is preferred in Elazığ City Hospital project is that it takes pioneering and innovative steps in the sector with its quality understanding and experiences in this field.


Kahta and Karaköprü Substations Fire Extinguishing Systems Work is done by A-Pro Engineering

Which will be conducted by MET ENERGY, Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) Directorate General for Trade Department has, “İTM.269 References 2 x 154 kV (154 kV Kahta TM / Adıyaman, 154 kV Karaköprü TM / Sanliurfa) A-PRO Engineering’s signature in transformer station construction …

The services to be provided by A-Pro Engineering are as follows;

  • Low Pressure CO2 Gas Extinguishing System
  • CAF – Special Foam Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fire Pump Set and Water Tank
  • Interaktif Adresli Yangın Algılama ve İhbar Sistemi
  • Interactive Addressable Fire Detection and Warning System
  • Fault and Condition Monitoring System
  • Assembly and Labor

With the Interactive Addressable Fire Detection and Warning System to be used in the project, fire detection alarm information can be received in point and thus the location of the fire can be seen as point. CO2 systems can be used in places where people are not available. In CO2 systems, more than one space can be protected with a single group of tubes. The most effective extinguishing system for quenching spaces with flammable flammable liquids is foam extinguishing systems.

A-Pro Engineering, using the latest technology systems and materials, has managed to minimize the loss of life and property in the area to be protected and has become the trusted name of the industry. A-Pro Engineering shows that it will provide quality, safe and effective systems in this project with its experience in the energy sector.


Istanbul Basaksehir City Hospital Construction Works Started …

RMI Renaissance Medical Comm. Singing. Inc. and the Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital; The first Istanbul is Turkey’s fourth city hospital. The public private partnership model made by the Ministry of Health is Turkey’s 3rd biggest health investment projects.

The project, which is planned to be completed in 2020, has a closed construction area of ​​1,000,000 m² and a capacity of 2,682 beds. At the same time, it will be the world’s largest seismic isolator building when it is completed with 2,040 seismic isolators that will be equipped with the foundation of the hospital.

IKITELLI CITY HOSPITAL PROJECT FM200 GAS EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM, which will be one of the largest hospitals in the world, is completed by A-PRO Engineering. FM200 Gas Extinguishing Systems to be built in 137 places will ensure the safety of life and property in case of a fire. A-PRO Engineering has been preferred in this field with its experience and references (Elazig Integrated City Hospital, Yenimahalle 200-Bed State Hospital, Nevsehir 300-Bed State Hospital, …).

FM200 Gas to be used in the project is UL / FM approved and all equipments used are LPCB approved. EPA (Environmental Protection Association) has been approved that does not damage the ozone layer. It has no negative effects on human health (according to the criteria specified in the standards).

A-PRO Engineering has become a sought-after name with its quality and experience in worldwide projects.