Wet Fire Extinguishing Systems Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems Fire Detection and Warning Systems

Wet Fire Extinguishing Systems

Water is the most effective fluid in extinguishing systems. It is a highly effective extinguisher with cooling, choking and shielding properties.


Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

Used in flammable flammable liquid fires. Foam and water mixing systems are used in certain proportions.

In flammable flammable liquid fires, the foam in contact with air expands to form a film on the liquid surface. This ensures effective extinguishing.


Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems

Gas fire extinguishing systems are used in electrical and electronic equipment rooms, archives, historical monuments and valuable manuscripts where water cannot be used due to its disadvantages such as wetting and conductivity.


Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems

In the hoods used extensively, over time, a layer of oil is formed in the hoods and ducts. This oil layer creates serious fire risks at certain temperatures. Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems are special systems developed for these fire risks. Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3) containing wet chemicals are used in effective extinguishing systems.


Fire Detection and Warning Systems

They are vital systems used for the detection of smoke, heat and gas particles resulting from combustion and for early warning. It is used for early warning, control and activation of other systems in accordance with the designed fire scenario. In fire alarm systems; spot type ceiling detectors used in general volumes; it cannot be used in outdoor conditions, where air circulation is intense, in extremely dusty environments and in flammable flammable liquid fires requiring early warning and quick intervention.