About Us


About Us

As A-PRO MÜHENDİSLİK LTD. Sti. our journey in the fire installation sector, with consulting, project design, material supply, supervision and commissioning services of fire protection systems started in 2004.

Since the day it was established, our company has been continuing its journey in the 15th year in order to raise awareness in the fire sector, increase technical awareness and carry the quality of service one step ahead.

During this journey, when the sector analysis, customer demands and the technical requirements of the systems are examined; design, project planning and especially turnkey applications of fire protection systems, it has been seen that there is a significant customer demand, especially in industrial plants.

With this awareness, our company has installed fire protection systems with turn-key applications in the last 5 years, especially in industrial plants, energy sector, petrochemical, metro and tunnel projects and military plants.




To minimize the loss of life and property caused by fire in our country with correct and effective systems. With the technical consciousness and awareness that will arise from the information sharing; to capture the balance of price / benefit by avoiding unnecessary investments and systems, thus contributing to national capital and national economy.


Close monitoring of technological developments and international standards related to fire protection systems for turnkey installation of the most accurate and effective systems.



Reference Mentality

To be able to change the definition of the reference, to the total number of systems which are activated during the fire, and which control and extinguish the fire; instead of the total number of jobs made.

Service Mentality

​Not to find the current situation sufficient and always to be able to do better.