Thermal Power Plants

Fossil fueled (coal) power plants are complex structures consisting of different operating units.

In these structures, transformers, conveyor systems, cable ducts and so on. short circuits, high operating temperatures, flammable material storage and coal self-igniting, overheating of lubricating oil used in mechanical equipment, foreign materials in the filtration systems and so on. high fire risk.

Natural Gas Power Plants

Combustible flammable gas used in natural gas power plants creates a high fire risk.

Fuel storage areas, overheating and friction in gas and steam turbines, gas leaks, short circuits in transformers or server rooms in cable ducts, electrical arcs, etc. reasons are some of the risks.


Hydroelectric Power Plants

In hydroelectric power plants, the potential energy of water is first converted to kinetic energy and then to electrical energy. Most of the world's electricity is supplied from these plants.

Turbine bearings, turbine generators, oil overheating in transformers, short circuits and arcs in electronic equipment areas, risks in cable galleries, fuel depots and possible leaks etc. risks constitute the possibility of fire.

Geothermal Power Plants

Heat energy with high temperature and pressure stored in the underground magma is called geothermal energy. This hot water from the ground is converted to electrical energy by means of some steam turbines.

The fluid used in the heat cycle is a flammable gas, gas leakage, fuel storage area, short circuits and arcs in electrical equipment and cable ducts. pose a fire risk.


Biogas Power Plants

Biogas, which is the result of fermentation of some organic wastes in an oxygen-free environment, can be called as renewable natural gas. The chemical energy contained in the gases can be converted into heat energy by burning and can be used in many fields as well as in the production of electricity by burning in a gas engine. Biogas containing high amounts of methane creates a high risk of fire.


Bioenerji electrical systems, voltage rooms, generators, gas engines, transformers, cables and other electrical elements such as arcs and short circuits. Some of these risks.

Wind Power Plants

They are the devices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Possible electrical and mechanical failures in generators, control units, gearboxes and shafts in wind power plants pose a high fire risk.

In the main body of wind turbines, generator, control unit, gear box and so on. devices, special device protection systems are applied.



  FSL Firetec Systems Ltd. Fire Extinguishing Systems Turkey official representative of the company belong

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