The Gaseous Extinguishing Systems of Elazığ City Hospital has been done by A-Pro Engineering

The Elazığ City Hospital Project was built by the Ministry of Health on a 347.500 m² area in the Central District of Elazığ with the Public custom cooperation model. It was established in 2018 with 2 Hospitals and 1 Clinic with a total capacity of 1038 beds. Elazığ City Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology earthquake isolators in the world. FM200 Gas Extinguishing System manufacturing was done by A-Pro Engineering in 87 place. In addition to turn-key system installation, A-Pro Engineering provides technical services and maintenance services of the systems it installs (depending on the contract conditions) 4 times a year. FM200 gas which used in the project is UL, FM approved and all the equipments which used are LPCB approved. FM200 gas does not damage the ozone layer and has no negative effects on human health within the criteria specified in the standards. FM200 Gas Extinguishing System is a fast and effective fire protection system. For this reason, effective actions are taken with FM200 Gas Extinguishing System especially in places where fire grows fast and requires early response.

The main reasons why A-Pro Engineering is preferred in Elazığ City Hospital project is that it takes pioneering and innovative steps in the sector with its quality understanding and experiences in this field.

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