Kahta and Karaköprü Substations Fire Extinguishing Systems Work is done by A-Pro Engineering

Which will be conducted by MET ENERGY, Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) Directorate General for Trade Department has, “İTM.269 References 2 x 154 kV (154 kV Kahta TM / Adıyaman, 154 kV Karaköprü TM / Sanliurfa) A-PRO Engineering’s signature in transformer station construction …

The services to be provided by A-Pro Engineering are as follows;

  • Low Pressure CO2 Gas Extinguishing System
  • CAF – Special Foam Fire Extinguishing System
  • Fire Pump Set and Water Tank
  • Interaktif Adresli Yangın Algılama ve İhbar Sistemi
  • Interactive Addressable Fire Detection and Warning System
  • Fault and Condition Monitoring System
  • Assembly and Labor

With the Interactive Addressable Fire Detection and Warning System to be used in the project, fire detection alarm information can be received in point and thus the location of the fire can be seen as point. CO2 systems can be used in places where people are not available. In CO2 systems, more than one space can be protected with a single group of tubes. The most effective extinguishing system for quenching spaces with flammable flammable liquids is foam extinguishing systems.

A-Pro Engineering, using the latest technology systems and materials, has managed to minimize the loss of life and property in the area to be protected and has become the trusted name of the industry. A-Pro Engineering shows that it will provide quality, safe and effective systems in this project with its experience in the energy sector.

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